Vivian Kvam

Leverage storytelling for hiring, retention, and culture in your business

Get ready to learn how to spin your company’s stories to make your team feel like rock stars, attract top talent like a magnet, and build a culture that’s the envy of all. Vivian Kvam will be your guide as we unravel the magic of storytelling in the modern world. This is your chance to improve your storytelling game and take your company culture to a new level!

Date + Time: Friday @ 11:15a – 12:00p

Venue: Geonetric Building – Foundry


Vivian Kvam is an entrepreneur known for her expertise in helping individuals and groups identify and achieve their goals in business and leadership. With a passion for personal development and a keen understanding of human potential, Vivian has dedicated her career to empowering others on their journey to success.

She is the co-founder of Tandem Works and Mac&V Photography. She is a creative leader with a wealth of experience enhancing communication and understanding in a variety of different industries and organizations. She has worked with big brands like Crayola, We-TV, The Discovery Channel, and Taco Bell, as well as scrappy startups, non-profits, colleges, and foundations. Vivian is a facilitating wizard with a knack for engaging workshops and the ability to connect authentically with an audience. She and the Tandem Works team create highly engaging experiences. They use a human centered approach to help people align, reimagine possibilities and reach goals.

Vivian is a natural mentor and an excellent communicator; She launched the Riding Tandem podcast in 2022 to celebrate and encourage small business owners. In her spare time she it out running, watering her plants – she has 38 of them – or taking her teardrop camper (affectionately named Novo) on a hiking or camping adventure. Vivian is proud to call Council Bluffs home and is an active member of the community. She is the proud whisker mama to three cats knows how to milk a cow and believes noodles belong on top of mashed potatoes – not beside them.

Get ready to dive into storytelling with Tandem Works’s co-founder Vivian Kvam. Vivian and the Tandem Works team are storytelling gurus! Join us for a Power Hour about storytelling to supercharge your hiring, retention, and company culture.

We’re not just sticking to the traditional storytelling playbook in this session. We’ll cover everything from using stories in print materials to jazzing up your wwebsite, nailing your digital presence, crushing it on social media, and even making live events unforgettable.