EntreFEST is a two-day conference, celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation where professionals at every level come together, share ideas, and own their success.

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EntreFEST provides the caliber of speakers and content that one would expect from much larger conferences. I appreciate the networking opportunities built into the EntreFEST experience. I have met so many great technologists and innovators through the event. – Ada, Ascend Learning

“You all put on a great virtual conference and demonstrated what it takes to pivot from live to online!” – attendee from Cedar Rapids, IA

“I thought it was fantastic, truly. It exceeded all of my expectations. The presentations I attended were relevant for both entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs alike which I particularly enjoyed since I was in the latter group. And the venue was great – I didn’t realize how much NewBo had to offer until I spent two days there. ” – attendee from Cedar Rapids, IA

“It is organized but not “formal”.  It’s about success from the roots and does not operate like a “corporate” event.” – Anthony, Top RANK

“The topics are not generic. They are impactful and innovative. This conference feels like a break from the tried and tired conferences. From the venues, speakers, topics, and other perks it’s on the Frontline of change.” – Ben, Copper Black Services

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