Sarah Hermanson

Outsource to Increase Profitability: Leveraging External Expertise for Executive Leadership Functions

When you run a small to medium-sized business or nonprofit agency, the aspect of hiring and retaining full-time human resource, legal, and finance executives can pose a time-intensive and financial challenge. However, as growth and scalability become essential for survival and competitive advantage, these key leadership functions become increasingly critical. The solution? Our expert panelists will guide you through the benefits and strategies of outsourcing executive roles and demonstrate how it offers accessibility, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness to meet the evolving demands of your business.

Panel members include:

Aaron Bontrager, Robin Springer, Sarah Hermanson, and Mackensie Graham

Date + Time: Thursday @ 9:45a – 10:30a

Venue: The Olympic


As an entrepreneur, farmer, and human resource professional Sarah has experienced firsthand the challenges of running a business and wearing all the hats. She has over 27 years of human resource and recruiting experience working with Iowa businesses including start-up companies, manufacturing, technology, and many other industries. Sarah is a technical expert with an outstanding ability to connect, ascertain needs, and provide creative solutions. She loves utilizing her gifts of discernment and bringing people together to help create efficient processes, meaningful relationships, and healthy organizations. Sarah is a storyteller. She loves learning new things and excels at asking meaningful questions to gain deep insight and open up creative dialogue. Sarah has always been a natural consultant and an expert at helping to guide conversations. She walks alongside her clients to help discover customized solutions to improve efficiency, scalable processes, and ultimately business outcomes.