Paul Richardson

Representation Matters: Inclusion Ignites Innovation

In a world fueled by innovation, the true catalyst for growth is inclusion. Join the discussion and let’s delve into the transformative power of representation. This engaging talk explores how diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and voices not only enrich our collective experience but also act as a dynamic force propelling innovation forward. Discover the tangible benefits of fostering inclusivity, and learn how unlocking the potential of varied talents can spark creativity, drive innovation, and lead us towards a future where everyone’s unique contributions are valued and in turn, catapult organizations forward.

Panel members include:

Paul Richardson, Shea Daniels, Kaylee Williams and Lloyd Yates.

Date + Time: Thursday @ 2:00p – 2:45p

Venue: The Olympic


I am a practiced and knowledgeable leader in organizational development, people operations, and complexities of human behavior in all arenas of life. With over two decades of experience in the health and technology industries, I can see evolving trends, opportunities, and challenges with an approachable systems-thinking mindset. I work to engage the unique gifts of individuals to work seamlessly with sensitivity (profound emotional intelligence) and impact.

As the first line of support in my family for end-of-life planning, I came to realize how fragmented and disconnected the funeral industry is from the human experience of death. Access to the grieving process is determined by timelines set by an industry that sees you as an invoice number. They didn’t see my full-time job, my graduate student coursework, or the never-ending task list you are assigned when someone dies. Through this profound experience, I wanted to create a permanent virtual resting place for videos, photos, and other meaningful tributes for all generations to see. No timelines or deadlines; just a place to come when folks are ready to process the loss.

This is the work I always meant to do. The intersection of lived experience, education, and the requirement to make the most out of my life is what drives my commitment.