Michael Allison

BREAK THE BOTTLE” – How To Shatter Limiting Beliefs and Limitations in Life and Business

Enhance personal productivity for both yourself and your employees, resulting in increased effectiveness, efficiency, and income. Michael Allison’s “BREAK THE BOTTLE” is more than a keynote speech; it’s a transformative experience designed to liberate individuals from the confines of limiting beliefs, empowering them to embrace a life and business without boundaries. The audience leaves with renewed inspiration and a toolkit to navigate challenges, break free from constraints, and achieve their highest aspirations.

We all have ambitious aspirations in life, whether it’s excelling at work, starting a business, becoming an author, or conquering Mount Everest. However, many of us find ourselves spending more time discussing our goals rather than taking concrete action towards achieving them. Meanwhile, there are individuals around us who consistently accomplish remarkable feats. From executives and entrepreneurs to athletes, we all admire those who have attained extraordinary success. But what sets them apart from the rest of us who repeatedly fall short of our goals?

Date + Time: Thursday @ 10:45a – 11:30a

Venue: Chrome Horse


Hi, I’m Michael Allison. I am a Keynote and TEDx Speaker, Military Purple Heart Combat Veteran, Trauma Survivor, Business Consultant, Life Coach, and CEO of the Adversity Academy. My expertise lies in guiding individuals to “BREAK THE BOTTLE” and “TAKING AUTHORITY” in life and/or business by eliminating their limiting beliefs or limitations, whether it’s in their personal lives, careers, or businesses. Through my teachings, I motivate and empower audiences to embrace the changing tides of the world, using the 3-D METHOD as a stepping stone towards achieving their next level of success. I firmly believe that we are constantly on the brink of unlocking the boundless potential that resides within us, and with the right resilient mindset, we can tap into this unlimited potential and thrive.