Mackensie Graham

Outsource to Increase Profitability: Leveraging External Expertise for Executive Leadership Functions

When you run a small to medium-sized business or nonprofit agency, the aspect of hiring and retaining full-time human resource, legal, and finance executives can pose a time-intensive and financial challenge. However, as growth and scalability become essential for survival and competitive advantage, these key leadership functions become increasingly critical. The solution? Our expert panelists will guide you through the benefits and strategies of outsourcing executive roles and demonstrate how it offers accessibility, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness to meet the evolving demands of your business.

Panel members include:

Aaron Bontrager, Robin Springer, Sarah Hermanson, and Mackensie Graham

Date + Time: Thursday @ 9:45a – 10:30a

Venue: The Olympic


Hi EntreFEST! As the Founder of Ampersand Legal, PLLC, I am so excited to present and connect with you all.

About Ampersand Legal
Just as the ampersand (&) serves as a symbol of simplification, working with a lawyer you actually like doesn’t have to be so complicated!

Previously, while working with entrepreneurs of all shapes and industries within old-school law firms, me and my clients kept running into the same pressure points again and again.

So, the vision behind Ampersand is simple: the traditional top-heavy law firm pyramid needs toppling. The billable hour model incentivizes inefficiency, encourages overselling, and stifles innovation. This status quo may have been fine in years past. It may be fine for large corporations. But, for the dreamers and doers of today, we all deserve better.

How is Ampersand any better? Ampersand’s relationship-centered legal services foster transparency & predictability via flat fees or “counsel on demand” subscriptions, so entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized businesses can thrive.

Through Ampersand I provide transactional legal services in the practice areas of business and employment. Whether it’s forming a new entity, navigating a tricky hiring/firing situation, or helping keep your operation compliant, I meet my clients where they’re at with a dedicated optimism and a stubborn commitment to finding workable solutions. Ultimately, I view myself as a connector of good people doing interesting things, and if I cannot help you with your legal needs, I’ll do my best to match you with someone who can.

About Me
As a native Iowan who has lived abroad and traveled around the globe, I’m proud to call the Corridor home. I support the growth and development of our community through serving as an Ambassador for Greater Iowa City, Inc., the Vice Chair of the Coralville Parks & Rec Commission, and as a representative for our judicial district on the Iowa State Bar Association Young Lawyers Division.

Prior to graduating with my J.D. from The University of Iowa College of Law in 2021, I earned my bachelor’s degree in public relations from Drake University in 2012 and my master’s degree in public policy from the University of Northern Iowa in 2017. This educational background, paired with work experience in a wide variety of environments, informs my approach to dynamic problem solving and client-empowered advocacy. As someone who takes the “counselor” part of my job seriously, I believe strongly in making the legal system more accessible; I do so, in part, through breaking down complex legal concepts and offering approachable, non-judgmental advice.

Outside of work you can probably find me running, baking, planning the next adventure with my husband, and spoiling our cats–Matcha & Mochi.