Lee Henderson

Navigating the Legal Landscape of AI: Opportunities and Challenges

In this panel session, our team of experienced attorneys will guide entrepreneurs through the complex legal terrain surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. From intellectual property rights and data privacy regulations to liability concerns and ethical considerations, we’ll explore the myriad opportunities and challenges that arise when integrating AI into business ventures. Gain valuable insights into crafting AI strategies that not only drive innovation but also ensure compliance and mitigate legal risks. Whether you’re a startup founder or a seasoned entrepreneur, join us to navigate the legal landscape of AI and unlock the full potential of your ventures.

Panel members include: Lee Henderson, Chris Proskey, Drew Larson, Joe Leo.

Date + Time: Thursday @ 10:45am – 11:30am

Venue: The Olympic


Lee is a member of BrownWinick specializing in business law and transactions, with specialized expertise in technology and information privacy and security. Having spent over 7 years as a leader of a talented in-house legal team and officer of a top 50 property and casualty insurance company headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, including 3 years as the enterprise privacy director, Lee understands firsthand the challenges of making decisions in a highly regulated environment with less than perfect information, but within budget, and on time.

Lee wants to be known as a lawyer his clients can call, no matter the time and no matter the problem. When asked to address a legal issue or business problem, Lee’s goal is the same as his clients: understand the risk and find a way to get past it so that the business can continue. Good lawyers move business forward, and that’s what Lee does.

Lee has deep experience leading and closing transactions, managing crises, reporting to C-Suite executives and directors, and overseeing teams and compliance programs within large organizations. His past experience as a business leader helps him understand the challenges of evaluating complex, long term problems with imperfect solutions that require accepting risk.

Lee is a first-generation college graduate, having received a B.A. in History from Knox College. He earned his J.D. from Drake University Law School, graduating with High Honors and Order of the Coif, serving as Notes Editor on the Journal of Agricultural Law, and as a research assistant in areas of criminal law and procedure.