Julie Lerner

What You Need To Know When Pitching An Investor (and what to avoid)!

After Friends and Family, Angel Investors are generally the next stop in sourcing funding for your startup. We see thousands of pitches yearly at 37 Angels and in the funding ecosystem. How do you reach an investor? What is going to make you stand out? How do you build a convincing pitch deck? How to avoid pitfalls in the process?

Date + Time: Thursday @ 10:45a – 11:30a

Venue: Geonetric Building – DeltaV Room


Julie Lerner is an Angel Investor with 37 Angels and is the Founder of The Failure Report, a blog dedicated to discovering what not to do through interviews with successful entrepreneurs and investors. She is a Board Member at The Lower Eastside Girls Club and is committed to helping girls achieve their dreams. Julie is a graduate of the Kedge Business School in France with an MBA in the wine industry and Northwestern University with a BS in Radio, Television, Film. She also has certificates from the International Culinary Center in culinary arts and wine. She resides in NYC but always has her passport in hand in her quest to travel to every country in the world. Investments include Ovenly, Growsquares, So Ripe, Kango, Wheeli, Ash & Erie, and Mogul, Stryx, Indicio, and Designer Inc.