Jack Chimbetete

Crafting Your Digital Presence: Strategic Market Positioning and Branding Mastery for Entrepreneurial Success

The presentation will highlight the importance of establishing a robust digital footprint for entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders. Attendees will learn strategies for creating a strong online presence that not only informs potential customers, stakeholders, and partners but also positions them as authorities in their respective fields.

Overall, attendees will gain actionable insights into building a strong digital presence, mastering market positioning, and leveraging storytelling to elevate their brand status and drive business success.”

Date + Time: Thursday @ 1:00p – 1:45p

Venue: The Olympic


I am an Entrepreneur with a scaling business in Iowa, in a year my business has been able to grow from a startup to a company that is beginning to engage on business at a global scale. My story reflects from starting my business in Zimbabwe, expanding to the US and setting up an International headquarters in Des Moines Iowa, the company has been attracting unique investors, partners, and revenue models that allow into begin making inroads on demonstrating the power of a strong digital footprint, visibility, social networking and story telling. As a speaker and mentor I am also sharing my success story in the growth of my business as an example for startups and small business owners looking at setting up scaling and pivoting their businesses. I have mentored people as a Venture Mentor through Drake University, and working with One Voice DSM as the Vice President, running and coordinating the African Business Fair. I recently won the Presidents Volunteer Lifetime Achievement Award due to the impact I have been making through my presence and the work my business is doing in the community advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity.