Colleen Kinsey

Fail Fast: Common Mistakes while Innovating

Have you ever found yourself pondering questions like, “Will my idea work?” or “Is it even possible?” Maybe you’re curious about how much it will take to transform your idea into a tangible reality. If you have a concept for a physical or digital product that’s been keeping you awake at night, then this workshop is perfect for you. Join us for an engaging and informative session where Joey Norris, the CEO of Dream Forge, and Colleen Kinsey, the CXO of Softvoya, will guide you through the essential steps to kickstart your idea. They are seasoned experts in the world of startups and innovation, and they will show you how to embark on your entrepreneurial journey with the right strategies in mind. During this workshop, you will discover how to take your idea and translate it into a viable product, all while minimizing your initial investment. Joey and Colleen will emphasize the importance of user feedback and provide you with practical insights on how to test and validate your innovative concepts. Their expertise and support have already empowered countless startups and idea-driven individuals within our community to transform their visions into successful ventures. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from industry leaders and get the guidance you need to turn your dreams into reality. Join us and take the first step toward making your idea a remarkable success.

Co-presenter: Joey Norris

Date + Time: Thursday @ 3:00p – 3:45p

Venue: The Olympic


Colleen Kinsey is a Des Moines native, co-founder and CXO of Softvoya. Her mission is to help lower the barriers of entry for tech entrepreneurship through design thinking and iterative development releases. She’s an avid traveler, having been to 46 countries to date, and passionate about innovatively solving user problems at a global level across industries.

Softvoya is a custom design and development agency with locations in Des Moines and Warsaw serving startups, tech companies, and local businesses with digital product development delivering custom software solutions, mobile apps, business automation, system integrations and web design.