Alanda Gregory

Customer-Centric Values Session

This breakout session is designed to explore and reinforce the importance of customer-centric values in delivering exceptional customer service. Participants will engage in discussions, activities, and group exercises to understand the significance of putting the customer at the center of every interaction and how to embody customer-centric values in their roles. Session Objectives: Understand the concept of customer-centricity and its impact on business success. Identify and internalize key customer-centric values. Explore practical strategies for incorporating customer-centric values into daily customer service practices.

Date + Time: Thursday @ 10:45a – 11:30a

Venue: Geonetric Building – Foundry


I am an award winner of multiple awards, certified Life Coach and Life Mentor. My goal is to empower individuals to unlock their true potential and reach for their highest aspirations. I am also a Creative Professional, a Community Advocate Co-Owner of Tri-Phoenix Group, LLC, I’ve helped shape the creative landscape and provide invaluable guidance for emerging talents. I am the visionary behind the Tri-State Black Business Expo and Black Excellence Awards, which has become a beacon of support for entrepreneurs and professionals within the Black community in Dubuque IA. Furthermore, I also co founded Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) Leader & Professional Collective, our organization champion the voices and contributions of underrepresented individuals