Social Entrepreneurship: Where a Servant Heart Meets a Business Mind

1:00 - 1:45

Starting a business in 2020 seemed like the right – and only – thing for Angie Chaplin to do. Newly sober, relocating to a new community in the middle of a pandemic when businesses weren’t hiring, and needing a strong social support system, she didn’t have many options. Relying on decades of leadership expertise, a background in strategic marketing, and previous work as a social media manager, Angie launched Mindful Leadership, a small business specializing in leadership development. Self-doubt grew as Angie’s values conflicted with recommended sales tactics that felt manipulative compared to her organic relationship-driven approach. Challenging the thought that she was doing entrepreneurship wrong, Angie realized she was doing the wrong type of entrepreneurship. In October 2023, an idea that originated 20 years earlier reemerged as Brave Leadership, a nonprofit social enterprise with a mission to unlock leadership potential within health and human services organizations.