Robin Springer

Outsource to Increase Profitability: Leveraging External Expertise for Executive Leadership Functions

When you run a small to medium-sized business or nonprofit agency, the aspect of hiring and retaining full-time human resource, legal, and finance executives can pose a time-intensive and financial challenge. However, as growth and scalability become essential for survival and competitive advantage, these key leadership functions become increasingly critical. The solution? Our expert panelists will guide you through the benefits and strategies of outsourcing executive roles and demonstrate how it offers accessibility, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness to meet the evolving demands of your business.

Panel members include:

Aaron Bontrager, Robin Springer, Sarah Hermanson, Mackensie Graham

Date + Time: Thursday @ 9:45a – 10:30a

Venue: The Olympic


Robin Springer is a collaborative, energetic finance leader who thrives on partnering with a business to drive real results. Her diverse background includes leadership roles in financial planning and analysis, accounting, program management and systems implementation. Her career has included work and partnership with multi-billion dollar global corporations, first-time startups and everything in between. Robin is a strategic thinker, able to envision the big picture and then build a detailed plan to bring it to life. Passionate about sharing her knowledge, she founded Robin Springer Consulting with a mission to help entrepreneurs and small businesses achieve their dreams by releasing their fear of money. She helps business owners achieve their goals by creating financial structure, providing the tools and education needed to manage the business and releasing outdated beliefs about money.