Lloyd Yates

Representation Matters: Inclusion Ignites Innovation

In a world fueled by innovation, the true catalyst for growth is inclusion. Join the discussion and let’s delve into the transformative power of representation. This engaging talk explores how diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and voices not only enrich our collective experience but also act as a dynamic force propelling innovation forward. Discover the tangible benefits of fostering inclusivity, and learn how unlocking the potential of varied talents can spark creativity, drive innovation, and lead us towards a future where everyone’s unique contributions are valued and in turn, catapult organizations forward.

Panel members include:

Paul Richardson, Shea Daniels, Kaylee Williams and Lloyd Yates.

Date + Time: Thursday @ 2:00p – 2:45p

Venue: The Olympic


Lloyd Yates, founder of Tylmen Tech, started his career with a focus on enhancing customer experiences. Beginning with personalized formal wear for sports teams and wedding parties, he has transitioned to revolutionizing the life insurance industry to tackle wealth inequality, where 60% of US wealth inequality stems from inheritance. Leveraging smartphone technology for streamlined health assessments, Lloyd aims to make life insurance accessible to over 100 million uninsured Americans, thereby significantly reducing the wealth gap and enabling everyone to pass on an inheritance.