Andre Wright

Fashion Activism

Hear from Andre how he has been a pioneering fashion activist challenging stereotypes and empowering youth through the Humanize My Hoodie campaign. This movement, which uses fashion to inspire social change, teaches young people essential skills, fostering independence and creativity. By designing hoodies that make powerful statements, Andre not only raises awareness but also creates a platform for marginalized voices. His initiative with Wright House equips future generations with the tools to navigate and impact the fashion industry sustainably, reflecting a commitment to environmental and social activism. This is fashion activism at its core, transforming how we interact with our world through clothing​​​​​​.

Date + Time: Friday @ 8:45 – 9:45

Venue: The Olympic


Designer, activist, visionary, community builder, and world traveler who has dedicated his life to the underrepresented. A Co-Founder of Humanize My Hoodie, Andre tirelessly worked to develop and grow this global fashion activism movement, designing hoodies for rappers, Black liberation leaders, allies, and Black youth. Andre has also created and staged fashion shows and workshops nationally, educating thousands about the power of fashion to inspire, empower and spark meaningful conversations. Andre’ was recently named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Junior Achievement Business Hall of Fame in 2021 and in 2022 started Wright House, an educational facility for creatives. Additionally, Andre was honored and awarded the Iowa City Area Development Designing Our Future-Sizzle Award in 2022 for being a Community Champion of Economic Development. Andre’s work has been featured at New York Fashion Week and promoted by Politico, NPR, Target, Atlantic Records, Warner Music Group, Thisis50, Facebook, and Foot Action.